Japanese Warrior in BatIk.  Grandson Tomo posed for me.  Completed May 2018.

Commissioned copy of Van Gogh "Mulberry Tree" 2 0 x 30 on canvas (in progress)

"BUDDY",  Portrait of Maine Coon Cat  16 X 20 in Watercolor (photographed)

Contemporary view of white hibiscus

22x 30 watercolor  (sketched)

22 X 34 Watercolor Batik of ancient Japanese Lantern in KYOTO, Japan

Garden.  (Photographed on location)


Sept 7 - Oct. 26, 2018, 47th Annual Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition, ArtCenter Manatee, Bradenton FL

Sept. 27 - SEPT, 30, 2018, Florida Watercolor Society Convention and Trade Show, Hyatt Regency, Sarasota FL

Doing an outdoor show

Demonstrating in class

Working in my Marysville studio

Judging an art show

Art Class Party

Attending Nicholas Simmons Workshop

Florida Watercolor Society Annual exhibition

Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition

Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition

Lake Wales Public Library Exhibition

Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition

National Art Exhibition Punta Gorda FL

Painting on location in Italy

La Romita Art School, Terni, Italy

Painting on street in Italy

Poppies in Landscape, Umbria Italy

Painting on Location, Cesi Italy

Painting at Carsula Ruins

Tuscan Landscape in Watercolor Batik